Water Monster // T.S The Solution

Bartlett 5 Year Anniversary!

Water Monster // T.S The Solution

Fri · January 18, 2019

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Water Monster
Water Monster
Water Monster is the solo project of Spokane based multi-instrumentalist Max Harnishfeger. After many years collaborating as a songwriter, bassist and guitarist in multiple projects, Max branched out for the first time to explore a new kind of song creation process in 2014. Surrounded by synths, drum machines, bass, keys and anything else he can coax music out of, Max began to define the experimental soul project that is now Water Monster.

Since then Water Monster has released a debut EP called Survive The Night (2014), they’ve been selected as one of The Inlander’s Bands to Watch and have performed around the northwest at venues and festivals from The Bartlett in Spokane to The Tractor Tavern in Seattle and Fisherman’s Village Festival in Everett.

In 2018 Water Monster will release Tensus, an ambitious full length effort written, performed, engineered and mixed almost solely by Harnishfeger with electric guitar by Scott Ryan. Tensus shows personal growth for Water Monster as much as it shows a continued musical resolve to focus on captivating grooves, compelling vocal performance and a mastery of nearly every instrument at Max’s fingertips. Tensus is the latin word for tension, which is an apparent theme of the writing.

He describes this batch of songs as “a hymnal in my times of trouble” which have helped him embrace tension in life as a propelling force. “Moments of anxiety and discomfort have pushed me into some of the most blissful experiences of satisfaction I’ve ever known.”

The push and pull of life’s dynamics have now become a tangible landscape intertwined within these songs, the sounds and the human experience behind it all. Threaded inseparably together into a personal, meaningful journey of energetic songs that can move your body as much as your soul.
T.S The Solution
T.S The Solution
T.S (born Devonte Pearson June 29th, 1991 in Long Beach, CA) came along way from writing raps in his school notebooks in elementary. He’s shown progression since dropping out of High School on three different occasions. He exemplifies what it means to make the best out of any situation on a day to day basis. The ability to illustrate such struggles and triumphs as a 24 year old hip hop artist makes T.S not only a rare site to see, but one of the most relatable artists on the scene.
T.S, also known as The Solution, was raised around women and R&B music. Vocals from Mary J. Blige, Jaheim, and R. Kelly were constantly finding a home in a young Devonte’s ears. Though R&B gave T.S the ability to tap into his emotions, young artists like Immature and Lil Bow Wow inspired him to start doing music as a hobby. With the help of his cousin Calvin, who was also an aspiring artist, he began writing and recording songs at the ripe age of 12. With minimal recording knowledge, T.S began recording himself and his friends at home. He soon took on the role as the producer of every group he was apart of and began mixing songs and producing his own beats.
In 2011 T.S was one half of the rap duo Kaotic-Solutions. Together they released a mix tape, a video, and performed at numerous showcases. Along the way, the duo met several artists and DJs. The most significant encounter was with Dj and producer M-Pyre from Ellensburg, WA. When T.S began his solo expedition in 2012, he reached out to M-Pyre P and was welcomed with open arms. M-Pyre sent T.S some beats to start his first project titled “Green Light Life”. The EP was released December 2012 and was promoted throughout 2013 with shows and music videos. Northwest blogs also contributed by giving the EP good reviews on their websites. These blogs also included M-Pyres very own blog and clothing line Respect My Region.
With the success of his first project, T.S continues to pour his life into his lyrics and is in the midst of making another project. A pair of twins, a back breaking nine to five, and everything else that comes with fatherhood won’t slow the young artist down but rather encourage him to do better. He continues to persevere and give music that is both inspirational and relatable. He has touched lives young and old with his first EP and plans on doing the same with the rest of his music. There is plenty more to come from The Solution.
Venue Information:
The Bartlett
228 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA, 99201