FREE SHOW: Horse Jumper of Love
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Horse Jumper of Love

Lucky You Basement
Ages 21+
All basement shows are free. Basement Lounge open at 7pm. DJ to follow show from 10PM-2AM. Lucky You Lounge is 21+ with no exceptions.

"As Horse Jumper of Love, Dimitri Giannopoulos, John Margaris and Jamie Vadala-Doran stitch together inquisitive and gripping slowcore out of everyday passing moments...Today, they're sharing hypnotic lead single "Poison," a song magnifying the slow drip of repetitions that build a lifetime." - The Fader

"Horse Jumper Of Love writes fitting music for the shortest days of the year. The Boston trio's slow, syrupy rock songs feel heavy and dark. When the songs shimmer — in twisting riffs or in singer Dimitri Giannopoulos's sweet, sad voice — they're less like the flash of a Christmas tree and more like the glare off a snowbank." - NPR

Today, Horse Jumper Of Love share their new single "Airport" on Stereogum. When talking about the track lead singer Dimitri Giannopoulos says, “One night in 2014 John and I were walking back to my apartment from somewhere and he told me he read this article about a person who fell through a ceiling at Logan airport. We went to my place and watched this experimental horror movie called “begotten.” it made me feel a certain way and I wanted to capture the image of something surreal so I took the story john told me and tried to make my own vague ominous version of it. We started playing the song live around then and it took us about five years to get the pacing and tone of this track right. We recorded it two separate times in the studio”

Venue Information:
Lucky You Basement
1801 W Sunset Blvd
Spokane, WA, 99201