FREE SHOW: Will Jordan // Willis the Realist
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Will Jordan

Lucky You Basement
Ages 21+
All basement shows are free. Basement Lounge open at 7pm. DJ to follow show from 10PM-2AM. Lucky You Lounge is 21+ with no exceptions.

If you listen to the radio long enough, you might begin to think that everything you know is wrong. Between the pages of clever lines and the notes of explosive beats, there's an emptiness. Its the emptiness of people wearing masks, the emptiness of people desperate for fame and the emptiness of stories that long to be known. When an artist stands on a platform and removes a mask, it inspires and indulges our hunger for authenticity.

New Years Eve 1993 was such an occasion. On this fateful evening, a four year old William Jordan caroused the streets of downtown Tacoma to bring in the new year with his family. Downtown avenues that normally oozed with danger were transformed and decorated by people dancing to the music of steel drums. Unmasked and unmistakably human, those steel drummers poured their hearts into a city and revealed to William the power of music.

17 years later, William found himself as a fledgling artist and newly expectant father. After a long discussion with his fiance, William decided that he would give a career in music one last try before returning to work full time to support his family. Stepping out on faith, William gave himself a 3 month deadline but caught the ear of Beluga Heights A&R Tommy Rotem within weeks of making his decision.

Entering the Beluga Heights fold as a songwriter, William was given the opportunity to collaborate with famed producer JR Rotem on several high profile projects. The most successful of these was Fly by Nicki Minaj. Featuring Rihanna on the hook, Fly went platinum, won an American Music Award and was nominated for a Grammy.

Currently, Will is performing in support of his recent Journey To The Land of The Lost series of EPs and providing writing and production for both major and independent artists. Will invites the world to see him unmasked and share the genuine passion he has for music.

Venue Information:
Lucky You Basement
1801 W Sunset Blvd
Spokane, WA, 99201