High Pulp: Juicyfruit TOUR + Funky Unkle

High Pulp

Funky Unkle

Lucky You Lounge
Ages 21+
High Pulp returns to Spokane with support from local funk lords FUNKY UNKLE!!

======== HIGH PULP ========
Born out of a basement in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, High Pulp’s music effortlessly draws from diverse influences. The lineup-fluid collective transmutes from lock-tight trio to expansive ensemble as they meander from jazz to funk to hip-hop to punk, melding it all to create something distinctly avant-garde.

In January of 2018, the band entered the studio to record their debut album Bad Juice. The record takes the listener along on a spirited journey of fearless exploration, all the while inducing subconscious head-bobbing.

Now, High Pulp is feverishly producing their next wave of releases. The instrumental single "Midnight Bistro" released this summer, and the full Light Fix EP - which brings vocalists into High Pulp's extended musical family for the first time - is set to debut in the fall.

“It’s hard to imagine throwing on this LP and feeling anything less than joy. From the pink flamingos on the cover to the buoyant, flashy grooves embedded in each song, Bad Juice is the soundtrack to your carefree, balmy summer nights.” - KEXP

“High Pulp’s infusion of soul-based hiphop, R&B, and funk cannot be missed” - The Stranger

"Seattle’s fusion big band High Pulp’s debut... answers the new millennium’s post-trip-hop, -indie, -ambient, -drum & bass, etc. contemporary with vinyl sharp grooves, macramé arrangements, and session-level instrumentation" - Earshot Jazz “

There just aren’t many bands making music like this right now” - What’s Up! Magazine

Venue Information:
Lucky You Lounge
1801 W Sunset Blvd
Spokane, WA, 99201