Ragtag Romantics, Winona Forever

Sat · May 27, 2017

8:00 pm


Since music is the universal language, it’s only fitting that AFROSONICS has chosen this medium to bring people with diverse musical influences together in the creation of an original music style. Audiences experience new vibes through a fusion of guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards, electronic soundscapes, vocals, dance and chants. Although most of the rhythms are of African and American origin, it’s tough to put a label on their sound.

Afrosonics incorporates music from all over the world and the root of each member intermingles to create something both classic and unique. In addition to their own music, the group draws an influence from other musical genres i.e. South American, The Caribbean, Funk, Southern American Jazz, Blues, Rock and others that capture the true essence of the African, American or Universal spirit. MEET THE MUSICIANS The members of the group have come to Boise from different points on the African and American maps, each with a deep respect for their heritage and a special contribution from their respective culture.

SHARING THE SPIRIT Since their inception in the summer of 2013, AFROSONICS has performed at venues such as the Treefort Fest, World Refugee Day, Art in the Park, Boise 150th Celebration, Hyde Park Street Fair Festival and other social gatherings. Their eclectic blend of influences will surly help others appreciate the rich tapestry of world culture through the magic of music.
Ragtag Romantics
Ragtag Romantics
Ragtag Romantics formed in the summer of 2014 and, since then, has been delighting audiences across the Pacific Northwest with their joyful music and radiant stage presence.

Their unique sound combines the bright, upbeat spirit of third wave ska with the bold, grooving style of 1960s soul and R&B to create live experiences that are truly delightful.

The Romantics were featured as a "2016 Band to Watch" by the Inlander Northwest for their performance at Volume Music Festival. They also won the 2015 First Night Spokane Battle of the Bands, along with Eastern Washington University's 2016 Battle of the Bands.

Ragtag Romantics are known for "throwing huge parties all over town disguised as shows." (The Inlander, 2016) Their goal is to help their audiences set aside their worries for a while, get into the moment, and just have fun!

You can catch one of their parties in Spokane nearly every weekend, so stay tuned for details.
Venue Information:
The Bartlett
228 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA, 99201