HIP HOP ft. Radio Phoenix

HIP HOP ft. Radio Phoenix

The Have-Nots

Thu · June 29, 2017

9:00 pm


Radio Phoenix
Radio Phoenix
The diverse interests of the Portland-based jazz/funk trio range from backdoor Internet

programming (keyboardist Benjamin Spriggs) to theories of perception (bassist Zac Alden) to

something equally unusual (drummer Lee Hauser). A year before the trio established itself as

Radio Phoenix, Alden and Spriggs had met while performing with PSU’s Latin Ensemble. They

gigged and recorded together with multiple drummers for nearly a year before Alden and Hauser

met in a band formed by vocalist/composer Damen Liebling. Hauser sat in on a jam featuring

Alden, Spriggs, and notable Portland rapper Jah’di. Unbeknownst to the musicians, a crowd had

formed outside the rehearsal space, and the unexpected applause after the group’s first

improvised jam solidified Hauser as the third and final member of Radio Phoenix.

The band picked the name “Radio Phoenix” as the term refers to a galaxy that has formed from

the collision of two previous galaxies – and space is awesome.

Since that pivotal day in October of 2015, popular interest for Radio Phoenix has been growing

steadily. March 2016 saw the release of the self-titled EP, featuring the three core members

poking different genres without any guests, unlike the previous releases. The band looks forward

to a string of performances in the spring and summer, with another EP on the not-too-distant

horizon and a fall northwest tour before returning to Portland to eagerly kick off a thrilling 2017.

Explore more at http://radiophoenix.xyz/, or contact Radio Phoenix directly at

The Have-Nots
The Have-Nots
Rod Mac The Ripper and ZanytheMicSmith as THE HAVE-NOTS
Venue Information:
The Bartlett
228 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA, 99201