BASE Songwriting Workshop

The Bartlett and Spokane Arts present...

BASE Songwriting Workshop

Marshall McLean, Natalie Schepman of Joseph, Eric Anderson of Cataldo, Scott Ryan

Thu · February 1, 2018

5:30 pm



WHO: beginner to advanced musicians interested in tools to advance their songwriting craft
Where: The Bartlett 228 W. Sprague
When: February 1, 8 and 15
Cost: $25 - includes 3 two hour workshop sessions and a chance to perform at the finale showcase on February 16.

BASE Songwriting Workshop
BASE Songwriting Workshop
Open to songwriters (and aspiring songwriters) of all skill levels aged 16 and up, this interactive workshop will give attendees the tools to help sharpen their skills, whether they are just starting out or have a few hits under their belts. Our goal is to help each individual find the best way to combine their unique talent with methods that can achieve better results as composers and lyricists.

Specific topics will include song structure, music theory, crafting a melody, writing meaningful lyrics, rhyme schemes, co-writing, critical listening, drawing inspiration from influences and creating a consistent process.

Songwriters will be encouraged to share works in progress, work together on new songs and share something they have completed at our finale showcase. Special guest artists will also be featured at each event playing some of their own original songs and sharing some insight into their creative process.
An exclusive four session interactive songwriting workshop for beginning to advanced songwriters, with a showcase finale at The Bartlett.

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Scott Ryan will be facilitating each workshop with the help of guest musicians. Scott is a seasoned songwriter, composer and writer. His songs have creative depth, complex musical elements and unique orchestration. He has a bachelors degree in commercial music, and over 15 years of songwriting under his belt and has had his songs licensed for film and television. Get familiar with Scott's songs here.
This workshop is possible thanks to a Spokane Arts Grant.
Marshall McLean
Marshall McLean
The Marshall McLean Band was born out of the Northwest, and it carries with it the unique sound that is becoming distinct to the Inland Northwest. The band, based out of Spokane, WA, has brought forth a fresh idea; that one can merge elements of thoughtful songwriting in folk, the driving force of rock, and the melodic accessibility of Americana and carve out a new genre - a kind of NW Americana Rock.

One of Spokane's favorite songwriters, McLean manages to write songs without pretension. He sets reflective moods and backs them up with a distinctive picking style that travels seamlessly from powered lead lines to dynamic rhythm. It is in the final output, however, where the Marshall McLean Band carves its most solid niche. The method in which acoustical elements are managed through filters and amps gives forth a clear but overdriven sound that blurs the line between genres. The band is unafraid, blending these styles, taking the best of both worlds and discarding the rest.

The band's first release, "Glossolalia" - which means "speaking in tongues" - showcases the mature and well-received effort by Marshall McLean Band.

The band is currently in the studio working on their second full-length record, Sodak. The first single, Badlands, is available for download here and all your favorite digital outlets.
Natalie Schepman of Joseph
Natalie Schepman of Joseph
Singer-songwriter, guitarist in the sister-trio band Joseph.
Eric Anderson of Cataldo
Eric Anderson of Cataldo
Seattle singer-songwriter and guitarist AKA Cataldo.
Scott Ryan
Scott Ryan
It would be impossible to draw a straight line through Scott Ryan's repertoire and hit every genre and sound he's managed to flirt with over the years; he's a bit of a restless, sonic explorer. And yet, every wild, eclectic idea has always been unified by a literate, witty lyrical style and of course, that powerful voice.

Born and bred in the northwest, Scott spent his early years in eastern Washington and Salem, Oregon. Raised in a musical family, Scott Ryan learned to sing performing with his father (something of a musical celebrity in the northwest) and made music with his siblings from an early age. After teaching himself to play guitar and knocking around the Salem music scene for a few years, he moved to southern California to study music. It was there that he began to build a unique catalogue of songs and a reputation for dynamic live performances. His sound is layered and eclectic, often alternating between unabashedly wild left turns and quiet, unexpected beauty. His lyrics seek to find common ground between idealism and the life we are given, while attempting to bring solace and humor in the midst of questioning.

After 10 years of releasing records, touring the west coast, sharing the stage with acts like Josh Ritter and Wild Belle, collaborating with artists like Robert Delong and licensing his music for film and television, Scott and his family migrated back to the Pacific Northwest where he began new projects, playing guitar for Water Monster, and beginning work on his newest release, 'Object Permanence.' Inspired by the turbulence of transition, as well as financial concern, Object Permanence pays tribute to some of Scott's most influential pop and rock records of the past, sonically nodding to artists like Bowie on 'Spent (Prosperity Gospel),' the Beatles on 'Louise Louise,' and even some Harry Nilsson and ELO on epic closer, 'Invisible Inkling.' These songs are psychedelic, rabbit-hole pop music at its best, and showcase Scott's continuing artistic evolution. From folk to indie rock to avant garde power pop, with Scott Ryan, its next to impossible to guess what he will do next. Rest assured however, that whatever it is, it will be well worth a listen.
Venue Information:
The Bartlett
228 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA, 99201