Wild Ones

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Wild Ones

The Holy Broke, Chris Molitor, The City Hall, Pat Mchenry

Sat · June 2, 2018

6:30 pm


Wild Ones
Wild Ones
Wild Ones delve into the bliss and burden that musicians are tasked with today: create work that captures your spirit, but do it without selling your soul. Self-produced and recorded, they walk the line of DIY oddity and polished pop sheen. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the band combines the talents of lead vocalist Danielle Sullivan, keyboardist Thomas Himes, drummer Seve Sheldon, guitarist Nick Vicario and bassist Max Stein. Growing up on Cocteau Twins and En Vogue, their sound is a mash of R&B synths, muted guitar, and somber vocal melodies. After 7 years together, they've hit their stride in creating work that poses questions about art and authenticity.

Mirror Touch, the band’s latest record releasing in October 2017 via Topshelf Records, explores spaces of isolation, loneliness and how it feels when the line between self and other becomes blurred. The record title refers to the condition "Mirror Touch Synesthesia" and the physiological experience of empathy. How can you know yourself, when in public you become everyone else? The songs explore the quest to maintain artistic self-integrity in an industry that seeks to homogenize. Solitary in their process of collaboration, Himes and Vicario produce the music, while Sullivan crafts lyrics and melodies, their attempt at self-preservation against the ever-changing expectations of what music should or should not be. Combining their style of upbeat melodies with a backdrop of darker lyrical themes, an inquiry into their artistic process ultimately reflects a balance between earnest head nods to their favorite sounds with a fierce loyalty to their own sense of self.
The Holy Broke
The Holy Broke
The Holy Broke (Spokane, WA), ambiguous name for the growling solo work of Kent Ueland, encapsulates his dark, messy music and all its jagged shards. You won't find stained glass tributes to lost loves or idle words about a better life in his lyrics. No, Ueland is the busted and bitter. Equal parts the man sunken into his couch and the snarling boy smiling through his bleeding upper lip, the classic country riffs carry Ueland's vocals through a debauched journey into heartache. The relatable simplicity of struggling to pay rent, eat a decent meal, or even get out of bed give his songwriting a surprising power. There lies the ambiguity. Has something holy been broken? Is it a form of holiness to be broke? Is there no such thing as the concept, "holy," to begin with? Look for the forthcoming album Do It Yourself this winter, listen to it when you're down on your luck, listen to it to celebrate not being there, but most of all listen. An injured dog is howling.

- Nathaniel Orwiler
Chris Molitor
Chris Molitor
Honest lyrics and upbeat folk style stems from the simplicity of a Midwestern upbringing and a love for the adventurous open road. Chris Molitor is a story teller - using melody and rhyme to bring the listener into beautiful moments where hopes and fears collide.
The City Hall
Pat Mchenry
Pat McHenry grew up playing music. "I just had to get out. I wasn't good at sports. I wasn't good at school. Music was the only thing that made sense." His band at the time featured in 2006's SXSW festival in Austin, TX. They were offered a recording contract, publishing deals, and A&R agents. There was a catch however. "We needed to change all the lyrics to the songs. The label just didn't like any of our singer's lyrics. That turned out really encouraging for me because I had written a big chunk of the music and none of the lyrics. I came back from that tour thinking 'dang I need to write!'" Setting up shop in 2008 he took full time duties on singing, guitar playing, and songwriting in his own project. After many shows with his band, local, regional, and national coverage, touring adventures, being ‘found’ by MTV he was offered a publishing contract from Ourstage Publishing. "That was really a break for me; here I am living in a tiny town doing gigs when I can, and someone in LA finds my music online and decides to run with it.

I think it was dumb luck but they really liked my songs." In 2013 his song 'Go On Go' On was synced with ABC/TBS's hit show Cougar Town starring Courtney Cox. Later that year he wrote an original song for Global Credit Union's ad campaign. His song 'Pins and Needles' was used by Foxnews as well. In 2016 the Kelly Slater Wave Co used his recording of 'Girlfriend in a Coma' in their ad campaign. "I love it all. That's what they tell you in acting school, but I think it applies to music too. Love it all, listen to it all, try to write it all." His latest offering, Chinook Hooks, self-produced and recorded in Seattle represent some of his southern roots and songwriting agility. It is a healthy dose of Honky Tonk and All American Rock, relatable story telling, catchy melodies, and winsome composition. Pat's music has been featured on TV, Radio, Independent movies, and a few commercials (Comcast, Foxnews).
Venue Information:
The Bartlett
228 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA, 99201